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Continental QUICKPAK provides an airport-to-airport solution to and from Europe, Asia, Mexico, Central America, South America and Micronesia. And our team is experienced in all aspects of international procedures and documentation.In addition, selected international locations offer our QUICK-Clearance program, which allows you to recover your shipments as fast as possible. Your documents will be available for customs clearance within two hours of flight arrival and during customs operating hours. Please contact our Cargo Service Center for current QUICK-Clearance cities.Domestically, we accept QUICKPAK shipments 30 minutes prior to flight departure at our QUICKPAK counters located in the terminal and within 60 minutes prior to departure time at our cargo facility. Domestically, we also accept international shipments up to two hours prior to flight departure time. For cities outside the United States, please contact our Cargo Service Center for specific tender times.

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