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CP – Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses, was set up as a State Owned Enterprise in 1975 to manage the railways in Portugal.Changes in domestic and Community legislation led to the transport services and the infrastructure management being separated in 1997. CP continues to run the transport operations while REFER - Rede Ferroviária Nacional, EP now runs the infrastructures and there is a rail regulator, the INTF - Instituto Nacional do Transporte Ferroviário, to oversee the sector.
CP offers urban services in Lisbon and Oporto to help you move around, improving the quality of life in these urban areas by helping to ease the flow of the road traffic and reducing atmospheric pollution.
The services are strengthened during rush hours so as to ensure that comfort levels are maintained. There are other forms of transport, shops, cafés and other ancilliary services near the stations that help to make your journey easier.

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