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Syracuse Hancock International Airport is served by the following major air carriers:American Eagle,Continental,Delta,JetBlue,Northwest,United Express,USAirways.Other airlines that operate at the Airport include Comair (a Delta affiliate), CommutAir (a Continental affiliate), Allegheny, Mesa, Trans States, Colgan Air, Piedmont, Chautaqua, and Shuttle America (affiliates of USAirways).VisionWorld class airport, international gateway, major transportation and distribution center, economic development hub, community activity center, intermodal connections, public/private partnerships, joint use facilities. (We want to be the best airport in New York State and satisfy various customer needs and requirements.) Mission StatementWe shall operate, maintain, plan and develop airport facilities, equipment and services which support the safe and efficient air and ground movement of people and goods, and meet the requirements of users. (We run the airport.)

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