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The European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) is an intergovernmental organisation established by a Protocol signed in Brussels on 17 October 1953. It comprises the Ministers of Transport of 44 full Member countries, 7 Associate countries and 1 Observer country. In Europe, the ECMT helps to create an integrated transport system that is economically efficient and meets environmental and safety standards. At their meeting in Dublin, Ireland, in May 2006, the Council of Ministers agreed on the creation of an International Transport Forum, which would include a much wider group of countries in its membership. The founding members of the Forum consist of the 51 ECMT Members and Associate Members. Other economies are also expected to participate in the future. The yearly Forum will provide Ministers of Transport with an opportunity to discuss topics of global, strategic importance, relating to all modes of transport, and will include the participation of leading non-government actors. The aim of the Forum is to bring high-profile, international attention to the essential role played by transport in the economy and society, while facilitating the integration of transport and logistics into key policy-making processes.

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