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Our commitment to providing our customers with 5 Star Safety, Service and Comfort has set us apart from our competition. As an ISO 9001:2000 Quality Endorsed Company, Direct Air is committed to continually improving our level of service, training and safety procedures to ensure we provide the very best service for our clients.
Based in Melbourne with branches in Alice Springs and Mangalore and with a nationwide network of preferred suppliers Direct Air offers a “one stop shop” providing the right aircraft for the right job throughout Australia.Ask yourself what is more productive - relying on airline schedules to get you where you need to be at times that suit the airline, renting a car to drive for hours at a time and staying overnight in hotels for two or three days? Or travelling when and where you want in just one day and being back in your office getting on with business.Air charter helps businesses make the most of their two most valuable assets -People and Time.

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