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In 1972 Transeste Schiffahrt has been set up and carried on by Reederei Dietrich Tamke and Reederei Gerd Ritscher. Since the foundation it has been a business association of two independent shipping companies. The idea behind this cooperation is to bundle mutual interests especially for shipbuilding activities, purchasing and personnel.
Over the last 30 years 20 container vessels have been ordered by the two shipping companies. Today Reederei Diedrich Tamke and Reederei Gerd Ritscher together run a fleet of nine modern vessels with an overall capacity of nearly 21.000 teu.
Two newbuildings have been ordered recently for delivery in April and August 2006. Each of them has a container capacity of more than 1.800 teus. The building yard is Sietas in Hamburg-Neuenfelde. Please check the \"News\" page for more interesting information.

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