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Reederei Thomas Schulte. Reederei Thomas Schulte is a modern, expanding shipping corporation, run by qualified and experienced staff that can look back on an established maritime tradition. Merchant shipping is the heart of worldwide trade. The sea and the ocean are the arteries through which international transport flows. Reederei Thomas Schulte is part of that global logistics chain.

Established roots and international presence, tradition and forward thinking do not contradict themselves, but rather form our corporate identity.

Reederei Thomas Schulte is an organic growth oriented international shipping company. Currently the fleet encompasses 33 modern container vessels within the 800 - 4.250 Teu segment, including 5 newbuildings set for delivery by 2009.

Based on a long maritime tradition, Reederei Thomas Schulte is actively involved in the following areas:

* Ship Owning
* Chartering
* Sale & Purchase
* Finance
* Insurance
* Controlling
* Nautical & Technical Inspection
* Procurement
* Safety / Quality Management
* Crew Management

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