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Buddha Air is the first and only airline in Nepal to operate brand new, straight-out-of-the-factory, currently in production pressurized aircraft. The main emphasis of the company has been to operate these aircrafts safely and with maximum comfort to the passengers. To maintain the impeccable safety record of the company, BA operates in only six fully navigational aid equipped asphalt airports with more than 3700 feet runway length and end all flights at TIA, Kathmandu. The minimum cruising altitude for all BA flight is 16,000 feet because the tallest hills are not more than 10,000 feet on the flight path to these airports. BA has not operated to remote/hilly STOL and unpaved airfields, which have ill-equipped navigational aid and have unpredictable weather.BA has invested heavily in maintaining the safety of the aircraft. Funds are readily available to the engineering department to purchase any spares that is deemed necessary. One time additional investment of about US$ 250,000 to fulfill the requirements of the COSCAP - South Asia audit has been made. BA has invested in all time bound rotable spares including an extra engine, propellers and landing gears. All BA pilots have flown to and fro from six airports thousands of times. Although many new airlines have started in Nepal and the human resource turnover has been very high, BA has preserved to retain the initial commanders through job satisfaction thus maintaining high safety standards of flight operation. The pilots are under strict instructions to maintain the highest level of safety even at the cost of aborting or canceling flights.

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